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Posted by on Oct 24, 2015 in Business Marketing, Law Firm Public Relation, Social Media Marketing |

Social Media and Public Relations For Law Firms

There are many reasons why people choose to use social media for their public relations of their business.  Even though social media for public relations of a business is widely spread, it is a less common with a legal pr firms especially.  There are numerous reasons why this might be the case.  However, there are many advantages to using social media for your public relations especially if you are running a law firm.


Why Do Law Firms Avoid Using Social Media?

It is evident that the presence of law firms is not as frequent in social media as all other businesses.  It seems like a law firms still prefer a traditional ways of advertising in the press, on television, and other methods which have existed for a longer period of time.  However, there is one specific reason why law firms avoid using social media.  Namely, the establishers of law firms are not the generation which is accustomed to social media, and this has one of the many reasons why they prefer other types of advertising and other ways of managing their public relations.

Social Media 2015

Why Your Law Firm Should Use Social Media?

Even though this might be the case, still your law firm would much benefit if you chose to use social media as a way to handle your public relations.  Firstly, you want be able to reach your customer base.  This is tremendously important because you want be able to provide them with the relevant information and you would be able to get an immediate feedback.  The communication that occurs between the client base and the legal management is precisely the thing that will make your business more successful and more productive.  Think of it this way, we live in the time when social media is ever present, your customer base will expand tremendously just by using social media.  Also, if your opponents fail to use these methods of public relations you will be able to reach the customer base which is completely new to your business.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media?

Even though there are much more reasons why you showed use social media and much more advantages to using social media in your public relations, we must also consider some of the disadvantages which are probable to occur.  Even though social media might seem inexpensive, in reality there are soft costs which should be paid.  Therefore, you will still have some of the costs.  Furthermore, social media allows people to criticize you and your business openly and in front of a large auditorium.  These people might not even show their real identity, but that is not important in the world of social media.  Unfortunately, you all are opening the gate of the world where everyone is able to reach you literally all the time and it gave expected of you to respond at all times and they are allowed to criticize you and your law firm.

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